Two Exercises To Reduce Cholesterol

Learning How To Breath:
Yoga is all about learning how to breathe and focusing on your breath. We breathe all the time every day, but most of us are not breathing deeply. We take short shallow breathes that and never fill up our lungs completely. In yoga we train ourselves to breathe deeply in order to train our bodies and calm our minds.

In order to breathe properly try this exercise: Inhale slowly and count to ten. Feel your chest as you let your breathe travel from your upper chest to your lower abdomen until you reach and contract your abdominal muscles. Now exhale slowly and count to ten again. (If you can't reach ten the first time, start with 5 and build your way up to 10.) Now your lungs have released your lungs of toxins and carbon dioxide, and your next breathe will be more effective.

Inverted Poses:
Now that we are aware of our breathing let's move on to our poses that help
reduce cholesterol. When you practice inverted poses it means your legs and abdomen are higher than your heart reversing the normal gravity of the body. This increases your circulation and allows blood to flow throughout the body freely reducing stress on your feet.

Inverted poses include the plough pose, the headstand, and the crane pose. Ask your instructor to show you more inverted poses.

Other benefits of inverted poses include:
increased circulation, brain stimulation, enhanced glandular system functioning, and pressure relief of the abdominal organs.

Breathing deeply and practicing inverted poses are great ways to reduce cholesterol and feel better!

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